Friday, August 18, 2006

Put this post up then checked and realized none of the links I made worked! I had just hand pasted them into the code and they all disappeared when I published eeeuuw. So I went back and then noticed the link icon, edited and reposted - This version works YEA.

Found my tatting notebooks this morning in the 5th box unearthed from my closet! Now if I can just find my shuttles and thread I'll be on my way.

I'm really inspired by all the motifs for the 25 motif challenge:
Wally's beaded motif - it's beautiful, and also Ruth's Celtic motifs -Wow is she fast! Then there's Gail's TAT artisan celtic motif and also her beaded motif from Wally's tat along pattern (see Wally's blog at ) and Cyamese Tats' gorgeous motif. I see Werner also has a motif for the tat along that combines crochet & tatting- I like this idea of combining two techniques. I can see I need to get going fast since I now also want to work on a version of the tat along pattern too. I've got to try a combination of tatting with needle lace in the center of the motif!

All of this will be a huge challence for me since next Thursday we leave to take our 10 year old grandson back home to California. A very quick 5 day trip since and then the day after we get back, I'll need to go back to work. I plan to tat my whole way there and back and hopefully get lot's of motifs done for the 25 motif challenge. Then I'll need to get going on my tatting website to make my deadline.

Here's two more of my starting paisley pieces:

I think the challenge with this piece on the left will be to work it down to 1 or 2 continuous rounds so it qualifies as a "motif" and is easier to tat.

And this last one below right really needs help -better shaping cause it looks awfully blobby shaped now!

Happy tatted threads to you all,


Blogger Gina said...

Yay! Susan's back!
:-) Gina

4:34 PM  
Blogger Sharon said...

Hey Sue, I wanted to show your paisley design on the challenge page, but you were out of town at the time and I couldn't get your permission. I assume you're back now, but I don't see any new motives showing up yet. Any idea when we might see some more tatting?

3:21 PM  

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