Wednesday, November 09, 2011

We had a wonderful turnout at our sessions yesterday; it’s hard to believe we had so many tatters when it was just late on Monday that I decided to form this class! I couldn’t have done it so quickly so without the help from Cynthia Stevenson, who hosts the Beginners classes on Thursdays, and Georgia!

All are welcome including new tatters, aspiring tatting designers, etc. - we can all learn from those of all levels whatever the topic! We are not using any specific program/software; there are many to choose from and even free ones. We discussed many of them in yesterday’s class. Join our TattingDesigners group to read the logs and find out who uses which ones and why.

We also talk about creativity and design, which can be learned!, as well as computer aided design.

Also Cynthia set up a new yahoo group for us called TattingDesigners,, that she and I will both be moderating, and all our logs will be posted there- in fact yesterday’s are already up in the files section! You can go there to join.

So, Please come join us if you can!



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